Le Bidet | 4000 €

Jaar: 1992

Formaat: 27 x 35cm

Categorie: Schilderij

Prijs: 4000 €

Extra informatie: Origineel werk van Jean Rustin.


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    Jean Rustin

    Jean Rustin (1928-2013) was a contemporary French painter. Rustin's figurative work is often regarded as one of the most important contributions to contemporary French art belonging to the tradition of figurative painting in the post-modern era.

    Rustin's physically dilapidated and sometimes naked figures stare emphatically at the viewer from the canvas with a look that seems devoid of any intellectual and moral self-awareness. Often the figures make gestures of a sexual nature without any sense of shame, but without this having an erotic effect. This prevents the work from becoming pornographic. After all, there is no erotic stimulus, which is precisely the purpose of pornography. Overall, there is something animal about his portrayal of people.

    Although the theme of his work often comes across as raw and terrifying, the technique and use of color are of exceptional beauty and virtuosity, which gives the work a great ambiguity. Nervous and sensual at the same time.